The ecologie concept


Renewable engergy

for power and heating

from sun and wood



Power autarky

in real time

since opening


Self consumption

of solar power produced

in 2023

Power concept

  • 17,11 kWp photovoltaic panels made in Germany
  • 28,4 kWh storage system, LiFePO4 ForteLion technology with unique thermal stability and thus maxiumum safety
  • Split log firewood boiler, firewood from own local resoursces, no purchase necessary
  • 5000l heat accumulator for storage of thermal energy and preparation of hygienic hot water
  • Floor heating throughout the building
  • Central ventilation system
  • Goals: Active energy balance, producing more engery than needed, >90% real time autarky

Principles considering construction

  • Use of an already existant building, thus keeping newly sealed soil minimal
  • Insulation of the outer shell with ecological materials – ground floor: bricks / Minopor, 1st floor: aerated concrete 40cm, 2nd floor: wooden frame structure / wood fibre / rock wool
  • Lime sand bricks for inner walls as thermal buffer and sound insulation
  • No use of OSB-, MDF- or other types of chipboards in the entire building
  • Vapour permeable wall construction, mineral plasters and paints only
  • Furniture wood mainly from recycling the contruction elements of the old barn, generation old own reserves, or own harvest
  • Reuse / recycle – explixitly not using new products for certain purposes
  • Short access routes as key criterium for choice of partners


  • Supersoft bedlinen without need of neither active drying nor ironing
  • Cleaning and towel change during stay only on request
  • Ecological cosmetic products without plastic wrap
  • Hygienic tissues made from 100% recycling fibres
  • Minimum use of chemical detergents, preferring vapour cleaning
  • Running drier and washing machines when enough power surplus is available whenever possible

Food and delight

  • Preferring local products / Austrian organic products / products with certificates for sustainablility
  • Coffee machines with biodegradable pads only
  • No single-use plastic wraps for our breakfast boxes
  • Also other singl-use wrapping is reduced to a minimum

Mobiltiy and further measures

  • Free arrival/departure shuttle for guests traveling with public transport
  • Free mountainbike rent
  • Inexpensive E-Bike rental
  • Combined shuttle and shopping rides
  • Three charging points for electric vehicles, feeded preferably with pv surplus energy, for guests non profit tariffs


  • Refrigerators and dishwashers of A+++ energy efficiency category only (B/C according to new certification system)
  • In the appartements the refrigerators have no freezer compartement, there's a central common freezer that can be used
  • Reduce of standby consumption for unused appartements
  • TV only on request
  • Efficient Showerheads that reduce hot water consumption for showers to 50% with similiar comfort
  • Hightec and lowtec are combined, high intergration on the energy management side is combined with reduced entertainment technology / 'gadget' smart1 home functions
  • Interaction of our guest with our concept is wanted and promoted – an infopanel in each appartement shows the power supply status

and many more details you we hope you discover during your stay!

Our partners when talking about autarky:

Energy management smart1, screenshots of the visualisation of individual sub-areas

It's not only energy that counts:

Happy is not he who has much, but he who needs little